End of Year Sports Awards and Recognition

2022-23 Athletic Recognition
All-Conference Teams:                                              State Runners-Up Teams:                                State Championship Teams:g
Boys Cross Country (Fall)                                           Boys Cross Country                                            Girls Swimming (7th in a Row)
Field Hockey (Fall)                                                       Boys Swimming                                                  Boys Tennis (Championship Game Saturday)
Boys Swimming (Winter)
Girls Swimming (Winter)
Boys Indoor Track & Field (Winter)
Girls Indoor Track & Field (Winter)
Baseball (Spring)
Boys Tennis (Spring)

Five of our Chargers were honored by being named to the All-State Teams for their respective sports:
Baseball = Josh Ingalls, '23
Golf = Bryan Fang, '23 and Tim Kaufman, '24
Softball = Mirella DiGiulio, '25
Tennis = Alex Wood, '24

Additionally, our 4x200m Relay team broke the boys school record at the state meet this past weekend.  The team consisted of Ike Ugwa, '25, Kai Kaliebe, '23, Simeon Scott, '24, and Ryan Newnam, '23 and posted a record time of 1:29.62! Way to go Chargers!
Fall Season All Conference and All State Recipients2022-23
                  Boys Cross Country: TISAC Champions; State Runners-Up
                  *Kavi Gibson = TISAC Runner of the Year; All-Conference and All-State
                  *Thomas George = All-Conference and All-State
                  *Arran Swift = All-Conference and All-State
                  *Matthew Schricker
                  Girls Cross Country
                  *Elise Boyse = All-Conference and All-State
                  *Isabel Chang
                  *Kajal Parmar
                  *Jenna Pullen
                  Field HockeyTISAC Champions 
                  *Alessia Cicuto = TISAC Conference Player of the Year; All-Conference and All State
                  *Tanya Sachdev = All-Conference and All-State
                  *Claire Hill
                  *Caitlin Smith
                  *Callie McCarron: Honorable Mention
                  Girls Golf:
                  *Aviva Wang
                  Boys Soccer:
                  *Ibrahim Elbeck = 1st Team All-Conference and All State
                  *Kai Kaliebe = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Chris Kelly = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Ryan Newnam = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Eric Ye = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  Girls Tennis:
                  *Nousha Tehrani = TISAC Conference Player of the Year; 1st Team All-Conference and All State
                  *Ava Karrenbauer = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Addie Canady = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Sydney Ross = 2nd Team All-Conference
Winter Season All Conference and All State Recipients2022-23
                  Boys Basketball:
                  *Chance Gladden = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Wyatt DeGraaf = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  Girls Basketball:
                  *Kaylin Pernell = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  Boys Swimming: TISAC Conference Champions (14 in a row); State Runners-Up
                  *Jerry Fox = TISAC Swimmer of the Year and State Champion (All-State)
                  *William Corkey = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)
                  *Cade Reading = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)               
                  *Alex Rousseau = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)
                  *William Hook
                  *Nathaniel Ye
                  Girls SwimmingTISAC Conference Champions (9 in a Row); State Champions (7 in a Row)
                  *Carolin He = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)
                  *Kaitlyn Martin = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)              
                  *Addy Neira = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)
                  *Louisa Wendt = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)
                  *Sarah Chen
                  *Sydney Martin
                  *Anderson Colantuoni = All-Conference and State Champion (All-State)
                  *Kaeshev Alapati
                  *Kevin Kaufman
                  *Freddy Lund           
                  *Owen Techet
                  Boys Indoor Track & Field: TISITC All Conference; Conference Champions
                  *Josh Baird = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Kavi Gibson = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Kai Kaliebe = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Sam Lee = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Ryan Newnam = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Simeon Scott = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Isaiah Short = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
                  *Evan Astrike Davis
                  *Ian Chen
                  *Charles Eheman
                  *Matthew Ferranti
                  *Thomas George
                  *Chris Gillham
                  *Matthew Schricker
                  *Derek Wang
                  Girls Indoor Track and FieldTISITC All Conference; Conference Champions
                  *Danica McCarron = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Sydney O'Rourke = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
*Tanya Sachdev = All-Conference and NC Runners All-State
                  *Ava Bui
                  *Laney Bundy
                  *Annalise Davies
                  *Rebecca Liu
                  *Kajal Parmar
                  *Priyanka Patel
                  *Anna-Sophia Polge
                  *Keira Sabapathypillai
                  *Maggie Su
                  *Leah Wiebe
Spring Season All Conference and All State Recipients2022-23
*NOTE: Most Sports have not determined their All-State recipients
                  BaseballTISAC Conference Champions
                  *Josh Ingalls = TISAC Conference Player of the Year
                  *Colin Kimball = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Sunil Lindsay = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Declan Jack = 2nd Team All-Conference                                 
                  *Oliver Swartz = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Michael Wessels = 2nd Team All-Conference     
                  Boys Golf:
                  *Tim Kaufman = TISAC Player of the Year and All State
*Bryan Fang = Conference Tournament Medalist and All-State
                  Boys Lacrosse:
                  *Owen Techet = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Drew Buxbaum = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  Girls Lacrosse:
                  *Sadie McMahon
                  *Caitlin Smith
                  *Katie White
                  Girls Soccer:
                  *Lizzie Azrak = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Brooke Bevan = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Avery Foster = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Mirella DiGiulio = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Hannah Serwin = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Anika Kadumpalli = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Mia Nesbeth = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Sarah Shaughnessy = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Amy Snively = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  Boys TennisTISAC Conference Champions; Headed to State Championship Match
                  *Alex Wood = TISAC Player of the Year!
                  *Sahil Arora = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Sam Lee = 1st Team All-Conference
                  *Brandon Bao = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  *Rich Zhou = 2nd Team All-Conference
                  Boys Track & Field
                  *Evan Astrike-Davis
                  *Jared Cooper
                  *Kavi Gibson
                  *Kai Kaliebe
                  *Max Li
                  *Ryan Newnam
                  *Simeon Scott
                  *Isaiah Short
                  *Arran Swift
                  Girls Track & Field:
                  *Daphne DiFrancesco
                  *Naomi Hammer
                  *Danica McCarron
                  *Jenna Pullen
                  *Tanya Sachdev
New School Records: 2022-23
Boys Soccer:
                  *Ibrahim Elbeck = # of Goals in a season (22)       
Boys Swimming:
*William Corkey = 100 yard Butterfly
*Jerry Fox = new school records in the 50 Yard, 100 Yard, 200 Yard Freestyle and the 100 yard Backstroke
                  -100 yard Free are new Conference and State Meet Records
                  -50 yard Free is a new State Meet Record
*William Hook = 200 Individual Medley
*200 Yard Medley Relay = Jerry Fox, Nathaniel Ye, William Corkey, William Hook
                  -Conference Meet Record
*200 Yard Freestyle Relay = William Corkey, Alex Rousseau, Cade Reading, Jerry Fox
                  -State Meet Record
*400 Yard Freestyle Relay = William Hook, Alex Rousseau, Cade Reading, Jerry Fox
                  Girls Swimming:
                  *Carolin He = 100 yard Breaststroke
                  *Louisa Wendt = 50 yard and 100 yard Freestyle
*200 Yard Freestyle Relay = Addy Neira, Kaitlyn Martin, Carolin He, Louisa Wendt
                  -State Meet Record
                  *200 Medley Relay = conference meet record (not a CA record); Sarah Chen, Carolin He, Sydney Martin, Kaitlyn Martin
                  Anderson Colantuoni = Single Season Winning Percentage (100%) with a final record of 18-0 on his route to the State Title
Girls Lacrosse:
                  *Caitlin Smith = Assists in a Single Season
                  Boys Track & Field:
                  *4x200m Relay = Kai Kaliebe, Simeon Scott, Isaiah Short, Ryan Newnam
                                    -Conference Meet Record
Milestones and Outstanding Individual Achievements:
All American Achievements   
*Jerry Fox  in 50 yard Free and 100 yard Free
*400 yard swimming relay = William Hook, Alex Rousseau, Cade Reading, Jerry Fox
*Girls 200 yard Free swimming relay = Addy Neira, Kaitlyn Martin, Carolin He, Louisa Wendt
Other Achievements:
*Timmy Kaufman = Golf Tournament Medalist at the TISAC Conference Championship match
*Bryan Fang = Hole-In-One Prestonwood Hole #2
Triple Play Awardees: Played 3 Varsity Sports in the Same Year
                     “White Letter”                                     “Blue Letter”                                       “Gray Letter”                                       “Black Letter”
                  1st Time Recipients:                            2nd Time Recipients:                           3rd Time Recipients:                           4th Time Recipients:
                  *Evan Astrike-Davis                          *Eric Bright                                          *Caitlin Smith                                     *Elise Boyse
                  *Noah Becker                                     *Isabel Chang                                     *Angela Zhang                                    *Jenna Pullen
                  *Will Capps                                         *Mia Nesbeth
                  *Bela Chandler                                   *Mehitabel Surafeal
                  *Daniel Chen                                      *Ike Ugwa
                  *Ian Chen
                  *Ryan Chen                                        
                  *Alessia Cicuto                                  
                  *Charlotte Grace Dadd
                  *Dylan Davis                                      
                  *Annalise DeMatteis                       
                  *Mirella DiGiulio                               
                  *Spencer Dill
                  *Charles Eheman
                  *Eliza Gayer
                  *Thomas George
                  *Kavi Gibson
                  *Lucy Hankins
                  *Hugh Johnson
                  *Kai Kaliebe
                  *Danica McCarron
                  *Finn Miller
                  *Piper Miller
                  *Ryan Newnam
                  *Kajal Parmar
                  *Priyanka Patel
                  *Anna-Sophia Polge
                  *Keira Sabapathypillai
                  *Tanya Sachdev
                  *Matthew Schricker
                  *Thavish Sindwani
                  *Arran Swift
                  *Katie White
College Bound Athletes:
                       Athletes Recognized in the Fall:
                  *Jerry Fox = Swimming at NC State University
                  *Leah Wiebe = Rowing at Hobart and William Smith College
                       New Spring Commits:
                  *Elise Boyse = Running at Davidson College
                  *Laney Bundy = Running at Meredith College
                  *Anderson Colantuoni = Wrestling at New York University
                  *Bryan Fang = Golfing at Harvard University
                  *Arran Swift = Running at University of Chicago
                  *Owen Techet = Playing Lacrosse at Stevenson University
Cary Academy’s Athletic Award Recipients:
Lifetime Achievement Award = Elise Boyse and Arran Swift
Athlete of the Year = Tanya Sachdev and Jerry Fox
Scholar Athlete = Sydney Ross and Bryan Fang
CA’s Athletic Leadership Award = Will Capps and Jenna Pullen
Charger Pride Award = Mia Nesbeth and Eric Bright
TISAC Sportsmanship Award = Elle Housman and Ryan Newnam
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